Medical Malpractice Insurance

We offer healthcare professionals a range of medical malpractice insurance options. From occurrence coverage to claims-made coverage. We can match your practice with the perfect plan based on the unique aspects of your practice.

Below is a list of coverages we offer:

  • Occurrence Coverage
  • Occurrence-Plus Coverage
  • Claims-Made Coverage
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • Tail Coverage
  • Stand Alone Tail

Want to switch plans? No need to tail out and start again. We can always transition you from your claims made policy into an occurrence policy, thus providing you long-term protection, without the expense of buying an extended reporting endorsement.

Occurrence Coverage

An occurrence policy covers alleged acts of negligence that occurred while the policy was in effect. PIPE is proud to offer physicians this popular type of malpractice insurance. The advantage of this policy is that even after you no longer have the policy, you are still covered for any events that occurred while it was in force.

Occurrence-Plus Coverage

PIPE now offers Occurrence-Plus coverage which combines claims made coverage and Tail coverage into one policy. Under an occurrence-plus policy, doctors who have been insured with PIPE for five consecutive years receive a free extended reporting endorsement regardless of whether they continue to practice.

Claims-Made Coverage

Claims-made coverage provides protection for claims that occur and are reported while the policy is in effect. Claims must be reported to PIPE in writing by the insured within the conditions of a claims-made policy. An extended reporting endorsement (tail coverage) form PIPE can provide coverage for the claims that occur during the coverage period, but reported after the policy terminates.

Prior Acts Coverage

PIPE provides prior acts coverage, also known as retroactive coverage or nose coverage, to cover incidents that occur before acquiring the policy. Prior acts coverage provides coverage for malpractice claims that arise from the retroactive date on your claims-made policy, until the expiration date of that policy.

Tail Coverage

Needed at various times - including when leaving a claims-made policy, changing claims-made carriers, at the time of retirement, or due to death or total disability - tail coverage is purchased from the insured's present claims-made carrier. Tail coverage is also known as an extended reporting endorsement.


Risk Management and Risk Assessment

PIPE takes an aggressive, team-oriented approach to integrated risk management with the goal of reducing the frequency of claim submissions and the potential risk associated with each claim.

Our Integrated Risk Management programs are designed to help physicians and their staff recognize potential malpractice risks and take preemptive action to prevent or control them. We ask that a current practice employee is designated the Risk Management Coordinator for the practice.  This individual is asked to monitor any potential risk concern within the practice and serves as a liaison between the practice and PIPE.

After your practice assigns a Risk Management Coordinator, PIPE’s Risk Manager will train that person as to our notification process for Potential Compensatory Events (PCE). When a PCE is reported, our Risk Manager will assist the practice in doing what is necessary to prevent the PCE from becoming a claim.  In addition, we will provide ongoing consultation including quarterly conference calls to discuss any malpractice issue or concerns. The risk management program is also designed to supply communication protocol training between the front and back offices to ensure the potential of risk is limited. We provide your office with a suite of support services to assist in controlling physicians’ exposures to risk, including the services of Gateway Risk Services, one of the industry’s most recognized experts in claims handling and loss control.

A FREE Risk Assessment is available to your practice which involves review and evaluation of:

  • Policies/Procedures
  • New staff training activities
  • Phone/message logs
  • EMR (if applicable) – Templates
  • Chart documentation
  • Operative/Informed consents
  • Infection control practices
  • Patient grievance process
  • Physician communication with the group
  • Complication notification process
  • High-Risk Patients – How to Identify and Handle
  • Medication management
  • Facility (cleanliness/obstacles/maintenance of equipment)

Claim Management

The focus of PIPE’s philosophy is not to simply process the claim, but to develop a strategy designed to extricate the insured without an indemnity payment in a timely manner. If early extrication is not possible, then we will obtain the support necessary to provide the best possible defense of our insured.

PIPE has the advantage of an Integrated Claim Management Program which utilizes exceptional defense attorneys who are familiar with each geographic region. We also utilize the services of Kurt Gingrich Esq. our TPA, to oversee the defense and implement a strategy designed to win.

Kurt Gingrich is well known to our insureds.  He provides 24/7 resources for risk and claim management. Kurt also offers a wealth of legal knowledge that guides both our defense team and defense experts in a way that is unique to our company.

As a physician-driven medical malpractice company, we have access to medical experts not available to the general marketplace. This is a unique component of our ability to protect our insureds.

Lunch n' Learn

PIPE offers all our clients an opportunity to have their entire staff participate in a 30-minute Lunch n’ Learn. Hosted by a certified Risk Manager, this interactive session is focused on your practice and its risk management strategy.

Our Lunch n’ Learn programs are designed to guide your entire staff through industry best practices, policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance, telephone triage, EMR, and conducting patient/physician relationships. Lunch n’ Learn sessions are customizable, concentrating on the risk management strategy which best suits your practice PIPE is proud to offer this service at no cost to our clients. We encourage all our insureds to take advantage of this opportunity to educate their entire staff on how best to assess risk before it becomes a claim.


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